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The New York Beef Council is proud to promote the beef industry on behalf of beef and dairy producers who work hard every day to provide care to their animals and produce high quality beef. Learn more about the Beef Checkoff, how NYBC is investing your checkoff dollars and programs and resources available to producers. 

Your Dollar Does: In New York

The New York Beef Council (NYBC) executes programming each year with the goal to drive beef demand. The NYBC team manages dollars from New York State as well as partnering beef councils to execute programs reaching consumers in New York State. 

With these Beef Checkoff dollars, the New York Beef Council promotes the consumption and education of beef among consumers. 

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CHeckoff Forms & Resrouces

The Beef Checkoff Program is  producer-funded and designed to increase demand for beef. This can be done through a variety of marketing tools and programming. Find checkoff remittance forms and material request forms at the link!

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Beef Advocacy Resources

The New York Beef Council and Beef Checkoff have developed some key opportunities for our producers to share their story. Checkout the programs and resources available and get started on your beef advocacy journey!

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Beef Quality Assurance

BQA works to protect consumer confidence in our beef supply and to return more profits to producers. All individuals who have the opportunity to influence the quality and handling of cattle are encouraged to become certified. 

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Monthly E-Newsletter 

Each month NYBC publishes an e-newsletter highlighting the recent activities and events. The newsletter also highlights activities on the national level. Subscribe to learn more about how your checkoff dollars are being invested! 

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Your Beef Checkoff Dollars at Work

Collegiate Culinary Beef Education 

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Social Influencer Engagement

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New York Team Beef Promotion

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FOREIGN Marketing

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Consumer Information


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Beef Research

USRSB Photography

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