Social Influencer OUtreach

The New York Beef Council hosts multiple event throughout the year that create the opportunity to engage directly with key influencers to deliver a educational experience while they learn about beef production, processing, cookery and recipe ideation. 

These influencers have a large social network and strong rapport with their followers. Their voices as beef advocates provides a direct link to thousands of consumers who may have questions about beef. Therefore, arming bloggers with beef skills and information helps them as they share the beef story. NYBC has had over 30 social influencers attend in-person beef education opportunities over the last few years. These influencers continue to share beef's story and many have become strong advocates for the beef industry. 

"New York Beef Council has been a great service to bloggers like myself. They have offered opportunities to learn about beef and veal production, nutrition, and so much more. From how the cattle/calves are raised on the farm, how they are cared for, and how beef is processed up until it arrives in the grocery store meat case. I am grateful for the opportunities presented to me and am looking forward to learning much more with them! Jean and Katherine have been a big part of what has made my experience so fulfilling. They are right there ready to answer questions and show a real enthusiasm for sharing their knowledge!" Shelby @Grumpy's HoneyBunch

Social Influencer Events include 

Farm Tours 

Beef Cookery 

Recipe Development

Beef Butchery & Grinding

Veal Production

Meat Case Tours & Beef Cut 101

Beef POsts Shared

Farm Tour Blog Post 

Daniel of Fussy Little Blog wrote about what an eye opening experience touring a conventional feedlot was.

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A Beef Cut Guide for Followers

Jessy of The Life Jolie joined NYBC for a meat case tour and shared here learnings with her followers. 

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