New york Team Beef

NYBC is proud to sponsor New York Team Beef athletes in a variety of different sports. Team Beef promotions provide a unique opportunity to highlight beef and educate athletes who may not have otherwise been reached. Team Beef members are trained advocates promoting the beef industry while they compete. 

For many years NYBC had an active and large Team Beef Running team who competed each year at the Boilermaker Road Race hosted in Utica, NY each year. The promotion was extremely successful with thousands of racers and spectators learning about and continuously recognizing beef a high quality and nutritious protein great for fueling their busy, active lives. After many years the promotion and focus of team beef shifted to reach new audiences. 

In order to grow on the success of Team Beef New York, NYBC expanded its athlete pool to include curling, BMX, endurance horse racing and hockey, while continuing to support a smaller running team. Team Beef athletes are provided with the knowledge of beef and the beef industry necessary to capitalize on educational opportunities with their fellow competitors in their sport. 

Team Beef Curling 

Meet the Team: These guys have been curling together for four years and have been representing Team Beef for two. Schenectady Curling Club is where they call "home" but the team travels throughout the Northeast to compete. 






Team Beef Hockey 

Meet the Team: The Beefers are a Rochester, NY based Hockey team who have been playing together for 13 seasons. They are the latest athletes to join New York Team Beef. 

When asked why they wanted to be a part of Team Beef the players shared:  

"We love Beef and it fits with our team name and image. Some beefy dudes getting out on the ice!" 

"Beef is my favorite meat, and I can’t think of any other meat that I would want to support! It’s beef or nothing!"

"Beef is a comfort food that I pride myself in making for me and my family, and being a part of Team BEEF is a great way to spread the beef love!" 

"Get a sweet looking patch on my jersey and finally getting my MBA!" (Each Team Beef Members will complete the Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) online training) 

Andy “Quarter pounder”

Patrick “Noodle” 

Nick “Beefkin” 

Chris  “Mr. Marble” 

Rob “Ribeye” 

Peter  “Mr. Meatball”

Randy “The Master” 

Dale “Burger Boy” 

Mike  “Mad Cow” 

Brian "Iron Sides"

John “Mullet” 

Ryan “Long horn” 

Team Beef BMX

Meet the Team: BMX racing, otherwise known as bicycle motocross, is a type of off-road bicycle races that are held on single-lap race tracks. The tracks are groomed, serpentine-style dirt tracks made of various jumps and rollers. It’s one of the only sports where the entire family (riders ages 2 to 50+) can participate together and compete at the same events. NYBC is excited to support this diverse team of riders as they share beef's story while traveling to compete and continuously improve upon their skills!