Beef Culinary Education 

The New York Beef Council actively works with collegiate culinary programs throughout the state, most notably hosting the Collegiate Culinary Beef Farm Tour & Competition for nearly ten years! 

This interactive and immersive learning experience allows the opportunity for 24 of the top culinary students from every corner of the state to participate this annual two-day event. Day 1 of the program provides students with the unique opportunity to learn  from beef farmers and beef processors while visiting farms and harvesting facilities to see first-hand how beef makes it from pasture to plate. Day 2 of the program focuses on beef's versatility and profitability on restaurant menus. Students are challenged to work with their teammates to butcher the 112A beef rib sub-primal and prepare a beef-centric appetizer and entree for a panel of judges. The students must also present their financial breakdown and profit margin for each dish. 

When asked how the competition made students think differently about beef on the menu one 2019 tour attendee shared, "It made me think a lot about our beef farmers, our kill floors, the cost and labor, also to realize how great beef can be on our menu or in you restaurant. How nutritional it is and how much profit it could bring."

Throughout the year NYBC also provides culinary programs with Beef Checkoff funded resources such as the Beef U online modules, guest lectures relating to beef and beef merchandising and guidance on marketing beef through their on-campus restaurants and retail counters. 

Beef from Pasture to Plate

Exploring Beef Processing 

Beef in the kitchen & on the menu