2018 National Nutrition Month - Go further with Food

Go Further with food

This year, the National Nutrition Month® theme is Go Further With Food. What does it mean to you?

We love the 2018 National Nutrition Month® theme, Go Further with Food.  What does it mean to you? Do we get different answers from different people? We hope so! There is no one-size-fits-all approach to a healthy diet. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends a healthy dietary pattern that includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, low-fat dairy, lean meats, seafood, other protein and oil. Factor into the lifestyle, taste and cultural preferences, and you will have a satisfying and healthy diet that lasts.  Let’s explore how we can put Go Further with Food into practice.

Mindful Eating

Family physician and author Michelle May, MD teaches in her Am I Hungry® Mindful Eating Programs and Training, that foods go much further than just calories. Foods are part of families, friendship, and celebrations. She encourages us to be mindful about how we want to feel after eating foods – satisfied, energized, happy, to name a few. Overly restrictive dieting rules stand in the way of developing a joyful relationship with food.

Food for Energy

Choose nutrient-dense foods that provide plenty of nutrition compared to the calories.  For example, a 3.5-oz serving of Top Sirloin nourishes us with 10 essential nutrients including protein, iron and zinc, at only 165 Kcal. American Heart Association recommends 30-60 minutes of physical activity each day.  Iron carries oxygen to our brain and our muscles.  Protein helps strengthen lean muscles.  The right nutrition supports the mental and physical strength towards a fulfilling lifestyle.  In her recent blog, author and food expert Toby Amidor RD discusses the latest research on weight loss.

Start your Day Right

Nothing helps us start the day with energy better than a healthy breakfast.  Eating a protein-rich breakfast keeps you feeling full longer.  A beef breakfast burrito offers 33 g of protein. Change up the morning routine with new breakfast ideas other than sugar-heavy fares many are accustomed to.  NYC fitness trainer and nutrition blogger Nicole Rodriguez RD shares tips on breakfast in her blog.

Let’s go further with food this National Nutrition Month® and beyond! Go to www.eatright.org for more information about this theme.