Celebrate national Nutrition Month®

with mindful eating

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March is National Nutrition Month®. Learn more at eatright.org/nnm. American Heart Association celebrates National Nutrition Month® by sharing 5 mindful eating tips from expert RDs in New York. 

  • Slow Down and Take a Pause
  • Ask Am I really hungry?
  • Engage your senses
  • Reduce Distractions
  • Red, Orange and Green rule

Let’s celebrate the joy of food this National Nutrition Month®. This Beef Steak & Black Bean Soft Tacos recipe gets extra flavor from a black bean and salsa paste and fresh toppings. This recipe is certified by the American Heart Association®. More heart-healthy recipes are available. Read the American Heart Association Be Your Best with Mindful Eating blog here.

Beef Breakfast Steak and Black Bean Soft Tacos

Beef Steak & Black Bean Soft Tacos

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