angus in field

Tullyfergus Angus

Robert Groom breeds and raises black Angus cattle on his farm, Tullyfergus Angus, located in Lyons, NY.

Robert Groom, Tullyfergus Angus 

Robert Groom breed and raising black Angus cattle on his farm, Tullyfergus Angus located in Lyons, NY. 

Meet Robert Groom:

Hi! I’m Robert Groom and I've been farming for 32 years. I grow hay, corn, soybeans, Registered Black Angus cattle and Border Leicester Sheep. When I'm not working on my farm I'm showing cattle. My favorite thing about being a farmer is working with my animals and others engaged in agriculture. I look to my dad as being my farming idol. He set an example of hard work, enterprise, initiative and independence of thought and action. I think that it's important that we get young people engaged in farming because we need to pass down the knowledge before it ends up vanishing.

Tullyfergus Angus

Lyons, NY 


Cows are bred and calves are born and raised every year on cow-calf farms and ranches, spending time grazing on grass pastures within sight of their mothers.

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