Lucky 13 All Natural Red Angus Beef

Erin Hull and Lucky 13 raise all-natural Red Angus beef in Tully, New York. Erin and her farm practice sustainable farming and market their beef to local and statewide customers.

Erin Hull, Lucky 13 All Natural Red Angus Beef 

Meet Erin:

Hi, I’m Erin Hull! I’ve been farming for 16 years. I raise Red Angus Cattle in Tully, New York on my farm Lucky 13 All Natural Red Angus Beef. On my farm, I practice sustainable farming because for me it’s the only way to continue my business success. I market my beef to local and state wide consumer throughout New York State. I work with the USDA processors and make sure that I’m using everything I’m allowed to use after my cattle is processed. This is one way I’m able to reduce my post-harvest losses. I’m not only decreasing the amount of waste, I’m also working hard to preserve water by using jobe valves on my farm. With rotational grazing, my cows are decreasing erosion on the farm while also maintaining the quality of pastures. My favorite memory on the farm is putting on the cows on pasture for the first time!"

Cayuga View Farm

Union Springs, NY 

Direct Marketing

From start to finish animals are raised on this farm to be marketed directly to consumers through either freezer trade, farmers' markets, or at local restaurants. Farms direct marketing incorporate all steps in the beef life cycle including cow/calf, backgrounding, and finishing.