Cayuga View Farm

Tim Pallokat and Cayuga View Farm in Union Springs, New York. Tim and his family manage a cow-calf herd located within the Cayuga Lake watershed and put the highest level of care and attention into responsibly managing and protecting their land and water.

Tim Pallokat, Cayuga View Farm

Meet Tim 

Cayuga View Farm is in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of New York. Owned and operated by Tim and Melanie Pallokat, Cayuga View farm is a 50 head Registered Black Angus operation. Cayuga View Farm is a family affair with Tim and Melanie's six children involved with the farm at various levels (pictured in youngest son, Tyler). Tim Pallokat has been growing beef cattle, corn, beans, and wheat for more than 20 years. As a child Tim raised dairy goats at his home in Connecticut. Tim says that his favorite part of being a farmer is the success of a healthy calf and watching his children enjoy it. The most difficult thing Tim has faced as a farmer has been “managing his work load to include family time.” Tim says his parents are the reason he fell in love with farming, it was “all they did for [him] as a youth in 4-H and FFA and at home” that allowed him to discover his passion for agriculture. Lastly, and most important, Tim‘s favorite cut of beef is prime rib, medium rare, with fresh vegetables. 

Cayuga View Farm

Union Springs, NY 


Cows are bred and calves are born and raised every year on cow-calf farms and ranches, spending time grazing on grass pastures within sight of their mothers.

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Direct Marketing

From start to finish animals are raised on this farm to be marketed directly to consumers through either freezer trade, farmers' markets, or at local restaurants. Farms direct marketing incorporate all steps in the beef life cycle including cow/calf, backgrounding, and finishing.