Masters of Beef Advocacy

New York State is home to 19.8 million consumers who are more interested than ever to know how their food is being produced. The farmers and industry professionals who work everyday to provide the best care to their cattle and continuously work to improve beef quality and safety are the most knowledgeable and trusted source to answer questions about beef production. It is imperative that we work together to share beef's story.

The average consumer is two generations removed from agriculture and has very little first-hand experience with food production. And they are hungry for information. It's up to us, the beef community, to engage them in conversations and answer their questions about how beef is raised, from pasture to plate. By completing the new and improved checkoff-funded MBA 2.0 courses, beef community members can sharpen their conversation skills and equip themselves with the information and confidence they need to answer tough questions about beef production.

How it works 

The checkoff-funded MBA program is a self-directed online training program designed to equip beef producers and industry allies with the information they need to be everyday advocates for the beef industry. MBA students will be required to complete five courses in beef advocacy, including:

 • The Beef Community 

• Raising Cattle on Grass 

• Life in the Feedyard 

• From Cattle to Beef 

• Beef. It's What's For Dinner

How to Sign Up 

All beef producers and others in the beef community with a genuine interest in promoting the beef industry are invited to enroll in the new checkoff-funded MBA 2.0 program. You can enroll as part of a group/class or complete the program on your own schedule. THERE IS NO COST TO PARTICIPATE!

How MBA Graduates Benefit 

Once you have completed all five courses you will continue to have access to the five courses on the checkoff-funded MBA Classroom site, as well as the latest talking points, fact sheets and presentations you need to be successful beef advocates. You also will be invited to join the Masters of Beef Advocacy Alumni Facebook group – a virtual community for MBA graduates to share success stories with each other, Through these sites graduates will be encouraged and equipped with tools to reach out to broader audiences in their communities by: 

• Giving presentations – schools, civic organizations, etc. 

• Getting active in the online environment – posting comments/video on Web sites, blogging, etc.

• Participating in media interviews – print and/or broadcast media

How to Incorporate in Your Classroom 

The MBA modules can serve as an excellent opportunity for agriculture students with an interest in livestock production and AGvocacy to learn more about beef production all throughout the US and develop communication skills.