NY Beef Checkoff hosts Dietetic Interns on the Farm

Chrissy Claudio | October 5, 2022

“This farm tour is always the most popular event when we survey our students at the end of the year"

Rome, NY (October 2022) – The New York Beef Council (NYBC) continues to sizzle when it comes to educating regional dietitians and dietetic interns about beef nutrition, sustainability, and the beef lifecycle. The NYBC once again engaged with dietetic interns during their annual in-person farm tours with the help of Michelle Barber, RD who delivered the Beef Nutrition 101 presentation. Over 30 registered dietetic interns engaged with the tours from two universities in central and western NY.    

The attendees included dietetic interns from Syracuse University and Buffalo State University. Almost all the attendees had never visited a beef cattle farm prior.  100% of the attendees felt the nutrition information received during the event helped assist them in their future professions. After the farm tours, there was an increase in over 85% of the participants feeling they were more knowledgeable about how beef fits into a balanced diet along with an increase in the perception of beef.   

One attendee commented, “So glad I came to this, I truly did not know about Beef Farms and what they do and how they keep our environment safe. Truly an eye opener.”  While another attendee commented, “I did not know what to expect, but I did learn a lot about where our meat comes from and the research information on the nutritional benefits of including beef in our diet.”   

This educational event was made possible through the NYBC’s continued partnership with the Kansas and Nebraska Beef Councils. The New York Beef Council, funded by the Beef Checkoff, is responsible for education outreach and promotion efforts on behalf of beef and dairy farmers. NYBC continuously works toward the mission of enhancing the lives of consumers by connecting them with beef and the beef community. For more information on the event, contact Nutrition Manager Kameli McIntyre at [email protected]