New York Beef Corp’s Graduates of 2022

Chrissy Claudio | June 1, 2022

New York Beef Corp’s Graduates of 2022

ROME,  NY | May 2022

Throughout March the New York Beef Checkoff (NYBC) hosted a weekly virtual training that educated participants in developing their knowledge and confidence in reputation management for the beef industry. Beef Farmers and industry representatives who were interested in gaining new skills and confidence in promoting beef participated in this weekly series during March. 

Over the last few years NYBC has educated and empowered over 70 beef producers, but we always need more!  With over 19 million consumers in New York, the more producers protecting the beef industry’s reputation the better!  Support your industry with our help and resources! Prior graduates of the trainings are encouraged to nominate fellow beef producers by emailing their information to Chrissy Claudio at [email protected] 

 New York Beef Corp’s Graduates of 2022:

  1. Abigail Jantzi 
  2. Alicia Audet 
  3. Allison Thomas
  4. Amy Barkely
  5. Amy Pyra 
  6. Carola Slicer 
  7. Christina Cornelius 
  8. Ed Slicer 
  9. Emily Castine 
  10. Jessica Pfeil 
  11. Justin Tucker
  12. Kate Perz 
  13. Kim Wolfe 
  14. Madeline Gabel 
  15. Megan Munis 
  16. Michael Schrag 
  17. Michaela Reinhart 
  18. Nicole Tillquist 
  19. Rebecca Johnk 
  20. Rebecca Hotaling 
  21. Sara Fessner 
  22. Thomas Gallagher 
  23. Tim Marker 
  24. Tina Jacobs 
  25. Victoria Subik   

Participants who attended all four webinars received:  Workshop materials, Start with Why Book by Simon Sinek, Beef SWAG, NY Team Beef Jacket, support for future advocacy efforts, and will hopefully participate in our fall Top of the Class Training!