NYBC Seeking Board Leadership

J. O'Toole | November 3, 2020

The New York Beef Council (NYBC) is calling out to the beef and veal industry in hopes to attract board leadership to assist in the oversight of the Beef Checkoff program.  NYBC’s mission is “To Enhance the Lives of Consumers by Connecting them with Beef and the Beef Community”  

To assist in the execution of their mission, NYBC is seeking to fill two Board of Director seats.  The first seat available is a Veal Industry representative, this individual can be a grower, or work within the veal industry (i.e. feed, packer processor or another representative of the veal industry). The second seat available is an “At Large Seat” to represent the livestock marketing sector (i.e. auction markets or dealers).   

Requirements and responsibilities: Individuals applying for one of the Board of Director seats must be 18 years of age, the term of office for each director will be three years, and each director may not serve more than two consecutive three-year terms.  The primary role of a Board Director is the same as that of any business corporation.  A Director on the Board of the New York Beef Council shall serve to: set organization policy, identify and establish program goals and budget priorities, elect officers, approve the budget, approve projects, report to the constituent organization the actions of the Council and represent the constituent organization.  NYBC and its 13-member Board meet quarterly (Jan, Mar, Jun, Sept) plus one fiscal year conference call (Nov).    

If interested, please email the Executive Director, Jean O’Toole at [email protected] to apply for either board seat.  Each applicant prior to applying needs to be an industry representative for the seat being filled.  At the same time, a member of the Board must come to the table willing to harmonize divergent viewpoints and outlooks to permit the NY Beef Council to constructively serve its widely diversified industry’s interest in carrying out the Beef Checkoff programs.   

Deadline for submission: November 6, 2020.