Beef Checkoff Hosts Virtual Cooking Parties

K. Staiger | August 19, 2020

New York Beef Council partnered with five food social influencers, and proud beef advocates, to share beef cooking knowledge and confidence with their top fans. Participants of each cooking party had the opportunity to cook an original beef recipe from their favorite food bloggers. Throughout the party participants virtually cooked alongside their instructor and learned lots of tips and tricks for when cooking with beef. Recipes prepared during the cooking parties ranged from filet mignon to beef kofta kabobs and tacos. 

“The beef recipes chosen made for great discussion and lessons in both beef cut selection and cookery,” added Jean O’Toole, Executive Director of New York Beef Council, “with the new knowledge from the cooking parties attendees understand how easy and versatile beef can be to prepare.” Post evaluations of the event revealed that 100% of attendees would recommend this opportunity to their friends and family.     

New York Beef Council Director of Producer Communications & Influencer Outreach, Katherine Staiger noted, “this event provided us the opportunity to engage directly with consumers who are interested in their food and eager for new knowledge. The Cooking Parties were a unique experience directly connecting consumers to beef and beef resources such as Beef It’s What’s For Dinner.” The NYBC’s goal is to serve as the premier source of beef information to the influencers and consumers in our region. When asked how this experience made the attendees think differently about beef one attendee shared, “As someone who does not cook often, this event showed me that beef can be an easy and fun food to work with, and it can be very diverse, more so than I previously thought.”   

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed not only how the New York Beef Checkoff connects with consumers and influencers, but also how consumers are eating and purchasing beef. Virtual events such as these allow the Beef Checkoff to engage directly with influencers and provide valuable teaching opportunities to their followers. One of the attendees reflected upon the event by saying, “I hardly ever cook beef at home (generally splurge on a filet at a restaurant for a special occasion), it was so quick and easy I would be more inclined to cook it at home now.”   

To learn more about the New York Beef Council and Beef Checkoff efforts visit or NY Beef Checkoff on Facebook.