Innovative Collaboration with Homemade Results in Successful Consumer Engagement Promotion

Chrissy Claudio | August 17, 2023

“The success of this collaboration with Homemade highlights our commitment to engaging with consumers on a meaningful level.”

Rome, NY (August 2023) — The New York Beef Council (NYBC) is happy to announce the remarkable success of its recent consumer engagement promotion in collaboration with Homemade ( This pioneering initiative aimed to connect with consumers and provide them with opportunities and information spanning from farm to fork. The partnership with Homemade, a platform dedicated to homemade cooking and culinary education, proved to be a strategic move for NYBC. Through this collaboration, NYBC effectively engaged with a dynamic community of food enthusiasts, strengthening its connection with a wider audience. Collaboration with Homemade has enabled NYBC to reach consumers with a total of 9.3K class attendees, 2.6M impressions, and 6.2K emails collected. 

The highlight of the promotion was the series of six seasonally themed live cooking classes, which were offered through social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. These interactive sessions not only showcased the culinary expertise of Homemade but also allowed NYBC to educate and inspire consumers on the versatility and convenience of Beef. The promotion was further amplified through Homemade's promotion of the cooking classes. This promotion bolstered participation and attracted an audience eager to learn about new recipes and cooking techniques. To watch highlights from this year’s cooking classes visit  

Each cooking class resulted in the creation of original recipes, complemented by high-quality images, contributing valuable assets to NYBC's online presence. The emphasis on the family food enthusiasts segment persona allowed NYBC to resonate with a diverse audience, catering to the needs of modern families seeking nutritious and delicious meal options.  

"The success of this collaboration with Homemade highlights our commitment to engaging with consumers on a meaningful level," said Chrissy Claudio, Director of Producer Communications and Consumer Engagement at NYBC. "By offering educational content and showcasing beef's versatility, we've been able to foster a deeper understanding of the nutritional value and cooking potential of beef." 

With this successful promotion, NYBC continues to pave the way for innovative and effective consumer engagement strategies in the food industry. The collaboration with Homemade underscores NYBC's mission to provide valuable insights, create lasting connections, and promote the value of beef. This promotion was made possible through NYBC’s continued partnership with the South Dakota Beef Industry Council. For more information about NYBC and its initiatives, please visit 

About New York Beef Council: The New York Beef Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the beef industry in New York State. Through education, outreach, and partnerships, NYBC aims to inform consumers, chefs, and the food service industry about the nutritional benefits, versatility, and quality of beef. The New York Beef Council is funded by the $1-per-head National Beef Checkoff Program. Checkoff dollars are invested in beef promotion, consumer information, research, industry information and foreign market development, all with the purpose of strengthening beef demand. For more information, visit

About Homemade: Homemade is an online platform that celebrates homemade cooking and empowers individuals to create delicious meals at home. With a focus on culinary education and creative recipe ideas, Homemade connects food enthusiasts of all skill levels in a vibrant community centered around the joy of cooking.