NY Nurse Practitioners Explore Sustainable Beef at Farm Tour

C. Chan-Phillips | May 21, 2019

Eleven Nurse Practitioners learned how beef is sustainably raised during a farm-to-fork tour at the Lehning Farms in Honeoye Falls, N.Y. May 11th. The farm tour was hosted by the Lehning family and presented by New York Beef Council , in collaboration with the N.Y. Nurse Practitioner Association Region 2.   

 Lehning Farms owners John and Peter Lehning, and Peter’s wife Lisa Lehning led the attendees on a tour of the farm, and discussed the daily practices for caring for the cattle, the land and water.  They discussed rotation grazing, Beef Quality Assurance training and food safety.  Dr. Mike Baker, the beef specialist of Cornell Cooperative Extension, clarified common misconceptions about antibiotics use. After the tour, the attendees explored the latest research on the role of beef in a healthy and sustainable diet, presented by Cindy Chan Phillips, RD, director of nutrition education of NYBC. The attendees learned about grass-fed and grain-fed beef and participated in a taste-test to enhance their learning experience.    

The attendees were extremely engaging, and had a strong desire to know about cattle care and how beef goes from farms to consumers’ plates. The discussion continued over a nutritious roasted Top Sirloin lunch. Prior to the tour, the attendees expressed in a pre-tour survey that they want to be able to give advice to their patients and families about the industry and how beef fit in a healthy diet.  Survey results of participants showed that the attendees’ view about beef improved significantly.  After the event, those who would recommend beef to patients 3 to 4 times a week jumped from 20 percent to 70 percent. The attendees were four times as likely to recommend beef over other protein sources compared to before the event. Eighty percent believed beef is a very important part of a heart-healthy diet, an increase from 30% prior to the event “A wonderful enlightening experience that busts the myths commonly associated with beef and beef farm,” an attendee expressed. “The learning increased my confidence in beef as food source,” wrote another attendee.   

 “The nurse practitioners are very dedicated to caring for the whole person,” said Phillips. “The public leans on them for health advice. Everyone had fun learning the science and enjoying the beautiful day on the pasture!”    

Phillips’ work with the NYBC is financially supported by the Kansas and Nebraska Beef Councils. For more information on the event, contact Cindy Chan Phillips, R.D.,