1. Video submissions must be kid-friendly and abide by New York Beef Council’s rule of ethics in social media posts (no swearing, vulgar language or disparaging of other proteins or industries)  

2. All submission for either entry (Hamburger Hop or Beef Song Parody) will be received on the WooBox platform only, link to this platform will be on NYBC Facebook posts and Instagram Bio Link promoting the competition. Submission link can also be found on  https://www.nybeef.org/social-outreach/monthly-contest  

3. Videos must not contain any brand recognition if possible. 

4. All video submissions are subject to USDA approval and may not be submitted based on approval or non-approval status. 

5. There will be 5-$100 prizes awarded based on winning submissions from blogger submissions and a grand prize of $500 will be awarded to the final winner.  This holds true for the Hamburger Hop and the Beef Song Parody (two separate competitions in one) 

6. NYBC will determine winning entries and grand prize entries. 

7. NYBC will post the grand prize submission of each competition with possible posting of finalists on platforms they feel appropriate (Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram/YouTube) 

8. NYBC will gain full rights to utilize all contest submissions. 

9. NYBC will try to make this contest as fair, fun and open as possible.