1. Restaurants can promote the contest as they wish, we encourage social media  
  2. Only BEEF Takeout entries will be accepted. (Burgers, Steaks, Brisket, Beef Stir-Fry/Beef Tacos, Beef Sandwiches, Meatballs, etc.) 
  3. All votes from each round will be based on votes received on the WooBox voting platform only, link to this voting platform will be on NYBC Facebook posts promoting the competition. Voting link can also be found on
  4. After Top 10 Beef Entrees are selected, restaurants will have 5 days to submit a Hi-Res photo of their winning entree (no substitutes), and a detailed, mouthwatering description of their entree!
  5. NYBC will put the 10 Entrees to Vote on Facebook/tagging in Top 10 restaurants. There will be one vote per person allowed to determine “The FINAL 4” *** THIS IS CHANGED DUE TO COVID-19 (there will be NO in-person cook-off).
  6. NYBC will promote each Top 10 Restaurant individually for 10 days on Facebook, NYBC will boost this post on the NYBC Facebook page, each individual restaurant will have the opportunity to share and boost their own post if desired, (not required) to help get the word out to their customers and potential future customers!
  7. NYBC will also create a Facebook Live (remotely) with each Top 10 restaurant (via split screen) to chat with restaurant owner and get a “birds eye” view of you making your nominated Entree to help “tempt taste buds”! All Live’s will be scheduled Alphabetically by restaurant!  
  8. The top voted entree will be considered #1 with 2nd, 3rd and 4th place based on number of votes.  We will create Facebook Live opportunities with the Top 4 Restaurants when social distancing allows. 
  9. Winner of the Best NY Beef Takeout Contest will be announced via Facebook Post on July 1, 2020.
  10. NYBC will conduct a Facebook Live with the winning restaurant on TBD with plaque presentation.
  11. NYBC will provide press releases to the winning restaurant (and all Top 10/Final 4 winners throughout the contest).
  12. This is how the contest was designed for the 2020 Best NY Burger Contest when launched.  With the recent events, we need to make some understandable adjustments.
  13. NYBC is trying to make this contest as fair and open as possible.