Beef Advocacy Training 

Become a Beef Advocate 

Energetic. Social. Engaging. Passionate. Who comes to mind?  

The Masters of Beef Advocacy Training will be held virtually on three consecutive Wednesdays during March 2023 via Zoom. Attendees with learn how to better communicate beef’s message by learning to answer the tough questions and teaching consumers about our industry through written articles, social media, and one-on-one conversation. 

Protecting the image and livelihood of the beef industry is a priority for NYBC and NYBPA.  The purpose of the Beef Corp is to equip and empower producers to tell their stories by providing them with resources, education, and tools that they need to communicate with consumers confidently via multiple platforms.   

Topics to include:

  •  Introduction to Beef Advocacy
    • Dive into the world of beef advocacy and engage in understanding best practices all while learning about the diversity of advocacy in agriculture and beef communities.
    • Find practical skills that can help you in developing an action plan for activating your next steps in advocating for your beef community.
  • Developing & Sharing Your Story 
    • Learn and practice elements that make for a compelling story.
    • Discover new methods to craft and share your story within your spheres of influence.

Apply or Nominate A fellow Beef Producer Today! 

Participants will be selected based on their commitment and interest in the promotion of our industry. 

We are looking for 2-3 representatives from each of the NY Beef Producer Association regions 

(Although Being an NYBPA member is not a requirement for participation)