Beef Quality Assurance Webinars 

In need of BQA re-certification or  interested in connecting with other beef farmers and experts virtually? These BQA continuing education webinars are for you! 

Recordings of the recently held webinars are available on the New York Beef Quality Assurance YouTube page

Examining The Effectiveness of your Vaccination Protocol 

 Presented by: Rob Lynch, DVM & Dave Wilson, DVM 

 Wednesday, September 16th  7:30 PM-8:30 PM   

Pre-Weaning Calf Care 

 Presented by: Michael Baker, PAS, PhD 

 Wednesday, September 23rd 7:30 PM-8:30 PM  

Direct Marketing Beef: Pre & Post Harvest Considerations 

Presented by: Lynn Bliven, Katherine Staiger & Jean O’Toole 

 Wednesday, October 14th  7:30 PM– 8:30 PM