"Meat Your Beef" Tour Agenda 

Rally Farms, Millbrook, NY – Tuesday, June 11

MMT Cattle, Inc., Fonda, NY – Wednesday, June 12

Shepard Settlement Farm, Marcellus, NY – Thursday, June 13

Meadowbrook Farms, Medina, NY – Friday, June 14

10:00am                      Welcome & Introductions 

10:15am – 11:00         Beef in a Sustainable Diet, Cindy Chan-Phillips, RD, Director of Nutrition Education, NYBC

11:15am                      Start Tour; during tour discuss and/or show the following

                                                -How cattle are raised from the farm to the market

                                                -Feeding and watering facilities and pasture management

                                                -Fencing and housing of cattle

                                                -Moving and handling of cattle

                                                -Record keeping

                                                -Disease prevention and healthcare programs/practices

                                                -Type of marketing programs 

1:00pm                          Lunch and learn…more! 

1:30pm                          Types of Beef and Beef Labelling        

2:00pm                         Q&A/Wrap