New York Beef Checkoff Celebrates Successful 2019

K. Staiger | February 10, 2020

The New York Beef Council (NYBC) releases their Annual Report. The report highlights only a few of the organization’s program successes from 2019, which all worked towards the NYBC mission of enhancing the lives of consumers by connecting them with BEEF. 

A few of the highlighted programs included nutrition outreach and education funded through partnership with the Nebraska and Kansas Beef Councils. These programs included partnership with the Long Island Dietetic Association and New York American Academy of Pediatrics to promote beef’s value in the diet and the crucial nutrients beef provides.   

New York Beef Council staff continuously work to wisely invest beef checkoff dollars to have the beef message spread far and wide. One way this is achieved is by offering educational opportunities and building relationships with social influencers. Some of the beef industry’s strongest and most influential advocates are social media influencers. “These influencers have a large social network and strong rapport with their followers. Their voices as beef advocates provides a direct link to thousands of consumers who may have questions about beef production, processing, or cookery”, shared Katherine Staiger, NYBC Director of Producer Communications and Influencer Outreach, “therefore, arming bloggers with beef skills and information will help them to share the beef story.”  

A cornerstone of many NYBC events is the opportunity for attendees to get a boots-on-the-ground view of the beef industry through farm tours. Farm tours allow participants to meet the people producing their beef while also getting first-hand answers to their questions on animal care and handling, farm sustainability, and production practices. The award-winning “Meat Your Beef” tours, made possible through partnership with the South Dakota Beef Council, just one example of the farm tours offered throughout the year. These essential events would not be possible without the effort and support of area beef farmers.   

The Beef Checkoff is also responsible for the promotion of veal. According to the American Veal Association, for every pound of product marketed as veal it removed three pounds of beef from the supply chain contributing to a stronger ratio of beef supply versus demand. In 2019 NYBC offered learning opportunities for, collegiate culinary students, chef instructors, and social media influencers to learn about both veal production and cookery.   

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