New York Nurse Practitioners Explore Protein’s Health Benefits

C. Phillips | May 3, 2019

Fifty nurse practitioners explored the latest research on how optimizing protein in a diet promotes healthy body weight, at the New York Nurse Practitioner Association Region 3 Teaching Day in Syracuse, N.Y., presented by New York Beef Council (NYBC) May 3rd.

The Teaching Day conference, attended by over eighty nurse practitioners, is an annual education event for nurse practitioner members in the central NY region, to learn from medical doctors and fellow nurse practitioners on emerging health-related topics.  Cindy Chan Phillips, R.D., director of nutrition education at NYBC, delivered the session titled Optimize Protein for Weight loss. Through interactive discussion, Phillips guided the attendees on the key research findings that show a moderate increase of protein foods, spread evenly throughout the day, promotes weight loss and healthy aging, along with physical activity. Attendees explored the experts’ recommendations in the context of current guidelines. Through case studies, they learned strategies to incorporate 30 grams of nutritious protein, such as beef, at breakfast and lunch to stay satisfied throughout the day. 

The attendees were highly engaging, asking questions about practical solutions to help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle. Many attendees expressed appreciation for the relevance of the subject content. The interaction continued at the beef booth. Attendees further learned about the lean beef cuts and the importance of beef nutrients to develop strength. They also learned about the education resources available on website, including the new Chuck Knows Beef, the guide to beef nutrition, recipes and cooking tips. 

Survey results of participants showed the engagement was very successful.  Obesity topped the life-style concerns, with 86% replying that it was a focus of learning. After the interaction, 100 percent said they have improved their knowledge in the positive aspects of beef. “Thank you, we love your talk!” reflected one nurse practitioner attendee. “Nurse practitioners are passionate about total patient care,” said Phillips. “To treat the whole patient, they want a practical approach to help people maintain a healthy weight.” 

Phillips’ work with the NYBC is financially supported by the Kansas and Nebraska Beef Councils. For more information on the event, contact Cindy Chan Phillips, R.D.,