New Hampshire Dietitians Learn About Beef Nutrition and Sustainability

C. Chan-Phillips | May 10, 2019

Over ninety dietitians explored beef’s role in a healthy and sustainable diet, at the New Hampshire Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Spring Conference held in Dover, New Hampshire on April 30th. The session was funded by the Beef Checkoff in collaboration with Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative and New York Beef Council (NYBC).

Cindy Chan Phillips, R.D., director of nutrition education of NYBC, delivered the session titled Beef’s Role in a Healthy and Sustainable Diet. Phillips guided the attendees on the evolution of lean beef, and highlighted the research that shows that beef fits in a healthy eating pattern. The attendees also learned that environmentally, cattle are unique in our food system because they upcycle inedible grass and plants into high-quality protein that families enjoy. Clarifying the nutrition about grass-fed and grain-fed beef was among the most engaging parts of the session. 

Sustainable nutrition is an emerging topic among consumers. The dietitians were appreciative to learn the facts about beef, in order to engage more effectively in this important conversation with their clients. The interaction continued at the beef booth. The attendees learned about the lean beef cuts and the importance of beef nutrients to developing strength in our daily lives. They also interacted with the new Chuck Knows Beef on an Amazon Echo smart speaker, with questions about beef nutrition and recipes. The attendees received complimentary beef jerky packets, the new 7-day strength menu plan, and entered to win a kitchen gift basket. “The New Hampshire dietitian members could not have been nicer,” said Phillips.“To be invited to present on sustainable beef just shows how much the RDs regard their roles as credible nutrition experts.” 

Phillips’ work with the NYBC is financially supported by the Kansas and Nebraska Beef Councils. For more information on the event, contact Cindy Chan Phillips, R.D.,