Hannaford Supermarkets Dietitians Energized about Beef Case

C. Phillips | December 6, 2018

Over thirty Hannaford supermarket registered dietitians (RDs) from northeast states gained confidence in the beef case at their semi-annual team conference at the Hannaford headquarters in Scarborough, Maine in September.

The training was funded by a collaboration of New York Beef Council and the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative.  Hannaford has stores in New York and other northeast states, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  At the training, entitled Shopper Guidance in the Beef Case – from Confusion to Confidence, the RDs were energized about the variety and versatility of beef cuts to meet shoppers’ wellness needs. The training began with an overview of consumers’ wellness and budget needs throughout the seasons when shopping for healthy family meals. The RDs explored the beef cuts and recipes that best pair with seasonal fruits and vegetables.  To reinforce the learning, a demo beef case was set up in the conference room, stocked with a selection of popular steaks and roasts. In a role-play exercise, the RDs practiced recommending the perfect beef cuts for various shopper scenarios.

The RDs were highly engaged, and the majority said they will apply the knowledge in their stores. Each RD was provided a training binder containing beef resources and recipes to help them create beef education activities in stores. The RDs appreciated taking home about 40 fresh beef packages used in the training so they could practice the recipes at home. Survey results of participants showed the event was very successful. Over 70% improved their beef nutrition knowledge and 71% said they wanted to stay engaged. Furthermore, the RDs were encouraged to apply the training to consumer activities for Instant Pot® prizes. “The beef cookbooks were a hit in my Dinner Dilemma meal planning class,” emailed one RD participant. “Not just the recipes, but also the chart with the cuts of beef and the best cooking methods.  I’m sure all these folks will be visiting your website.”  

“Hannaford RDs are the wellness resources in their communities,” said Cindy Chan Phillips, MBA, RD, NYBC director of nutrition education. “The RDs are energized about helping shoppers with their added confidence about beef cuts!” Phillips’ work with the New York Beef Council is financially supported by the Kansas and Nebraska Beef Councils. 

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