NYBC is always looking for bright, passionate students to assist on many levels. NYBC has utilize Marketing students for social media purposes as well as Business Ag. students to assist us in the creation and Agvocating of programs.  

Please feel free to contact Jean O'Toole about internship opportunities email:  jotoole@nybeef.org

Social Media Marketing Interns Job Requirements: HERE

Ag. Business Student Inquiry Job Requirements: HERE 

Intern Testimonials:

My name is Mycale Kimball, I am a graduate from Utica College with a degree in management and a concentration in marketing.  During my time at UC I did a few internships.  My favorite internship was one I did for the New York Beef Council. For the Beef Council I ran numerous social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram.  I loved this internship because it was almost like I wasn't working because I enjoyed what I was doing. At my age social media is such a popular way to network and even live your life that it came so natural for me to help the NYBC run their platforms.  My favorite part of the internship was being able to add my own twists to the media.  For example, I worked at Kelley's Restaurant and I was able to posts steaks from there, not only helping the Beef Council promote but also helping promote Kelley's.  Another thing I enjoyed is the feedback from viewers.  Many of the posts that I or the other interns developed had a high reach and numerous responses, and that type of feedback was gratifying.  I'm so thankful I had the experience to work with Jean O'Toole and the NYBC and I would recommend to other students to try this internship because this is the part of the marketing world that is evolving drastically.  


Maryellen Wiley - Morrisville College, Ag Business Major 

The Agriculture Industry is community of people that are working to provide their consumers with quality products, services, and education to encourage growth and diversity within its industry. The New York Beef Council is a prime example of this. The past fifteen weeks I have had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of this organization, I have been able to experiences opportunities that I would have never had the chance too. Throughout my time with the New York Beef council I have participated in a variety of different events that came together through the hard work and passion each one of my mentors at the New York Beef Council display. I have learned so much from each one of them. They have taught me more about the importance of hard work, leadership, initiative, and creative for something you have a passion for. Through this internship I have learned about networking within and outside the agriculture industry, such as marking and promoting, the use of social media, and the importance of make consumer connections. I will forever be great full for my time spent at the NYBC. I would recommend this internship to anyone that has a passion for promotion, marketing, and Agvocacy.


Shaun Pratt, Utica College

I have had a really great time working with the New York Beef Council and participating in this internship for the past couple months. I really learned quite a bit about what goes into managing a brand’s social media presence online through different platforms. The analytics were perhaps my favorite part of the internship as a whole, due to the fact that once done, we were all able to actually show how much our work for the council has helped them out so far with expanding its reach. 

As I will be going into the field of marketing after I am through with my time at Utica College, I will most definitely have to have some knowledge of brand presence on social media and its media relationships with consumers; therefore this has been a truly beneficial experience. I really enjoyed the things I was able to accomplish throughout the semester with respect to the council and the great people I got to meet during my time with the NYBC.

I’d like to personally thank Ms. Jean O’Toole for the opportunity to engage with the NYBC’s customer base through the various social media outlets and avenues. I would also like to thank the other members of the social media team, as I don’t think any of us would have had the opportunity had the others not been involved as well. The people in the Beef council were all very helpful with any help that was required for either the internship or other course work, such as the marketing project Mycale and I have been working on for the past couple of months. I am beyond grateful.


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