New York Is An Agricultural State

Agriculture is important to New York State. The value of agricultural production was over $5.70 billion in 2012.  About 23 percent of the state’s land area, or 7 million acres are used by the 36,000 farms to produce a very diverse array of food products.

Livestock and dairy production is the largest sector of NYS agriculture and provided $3.0 billion value of production to farmers in 2012. New York livestock producers marketed 295 million pounds of meat animals during 2012 bringing in $333 million. Gross income from cattle and calves accounted for $486 million.  

Additional Facts about the Cattle Industry in NY:

  • Total number of Farms:  36,000. 99% of New York farms are family owned.
  • Number of farms with cattle:  13,600
  • Total Number of Cattle & calves, January 1, 2013:  1.4 million (Ranked 21st in the nation.)
  • Cows & Heifers kept for beef:  131,000. (39th in the nation). Kept for dairy 930,000 (3rd ).
  • The dairy industry in New York ranks 4th in the nation in milk production and 17% of all U.S. beef is derived from dairy cattle.
  • Cattle are the ideal mechanism for efficiently utilizing grasses and plant residues growing on the 7 million acres of New York agricultural land. Many of these acres are not suited for the production of cultivated crops and would be wasted if it were not for ruminants, such as cattle, turning these resources into essential protein and nutrients for human use. Crop residues serve as a valuable feed source and are just one way New York beef producers improve the environment.


Source: New York Agricultural Statistics 2012-2013 Annual Bulletin


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