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The New York Beef Council (NYBC) was established as part of a mandatory beef checkoff in the 1985 farm bill. Producers voted in a referendum to retain $1 per head checkoff.  Simply speaking every time a bovine is sold, dairy or beef, whether that be through an auction market, order buyer, private treaty, or in retail and freezer trade meat sales the mandatory $1-a-head checkoff is due.

In order to connect with producers and better provide the beef and dairy industry updates on the Beef Checkoff and checkoff funded activities the NYBC has launched a new monthly, electronic newsletter. To sign up to receive monthly emails simply visit:   http://www.beefboard.org/beef-checkoff-news#form-newsletter-signup Enter an email address, type of operation and state – and it’s all set!

Have you ever wondered where that dollar goes or how it is spent? The The Beef Promotion and Research Act and the Beef Promotion Research Order, details how the beef checkoff is legally assessed, collected, spent, and monitored. Beef Checkoff dollars can only be spent on education and promotion. Each dollar collected through the checkoff is divided in half with 50 cents going to the Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board, which administers the national checkoff program and the other 50 cents stays in New York for localized promotion and advocacy efforts. Here in New York State our staff focuses in three main areas, which include Producer Education, Nutrition Education, and Consumer Education. Research shows every dollar invested returns $11.20. Checkoff dollars are invested in influencer engagement such as food blogger farm immersion experiences, registered dietitian farm tours, and collegiate culinary student beef and veal cooking competitions. 

Questions about NYBC Programs? Contact Katherine at 315-339-6922.


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