Beef for the Classroom Guidelines:

1. Only beef may be purchased with program funds (fresh or further prepared)

2. Beef must be used for middle or high school teachers classroom teaching beef cooking and nutrition as part of the curriculum. 

3. The teacher must complete the Beef for the Classroom application form in order to be approved to receive beef reimbursement. Keep in mind that only a limited number of applications will be approved; so be sure to send yours in early!

4. Once approved, the teacher will receive a confirmation from the NYBC

5. The teacher can then conduct the beef lesson anytime throughout the school year and will purchase the beef for the recipe to be prepared during the lab.

6. The teacher will then return the enclosed Beef for the Classroom evaluation form along with the receipt for beef purchases to the NYBC for reimbursement

7. All receipts must be submitted to the New York Beef Council in a timely manner

8. After receiving the completed report form and grocery receipt, the NYBC will issue a reimbursement check

9. After review, the check will be made payable to the school at the school address. No check will be issued to an individual. Checks will not be issued without receipt and evaluation.

10. Please be judicious with your spending/purchasing of beef and take into consideration your class size. We want to be able to provide assistance to as many school districts that are in need as possible with the allocated funds we have available.

11. Please keep all receipts collected throughout the school year and return with evaluation form (if completed on-line, hardcopy form is not necessary) to me in one envelope--only one check will be issued to each school per calendar year. All receipts must be received by July 1st in order to receive reimbursement.

Please note the following:

1. Receipts should include name of store where beef was purchased and school name.

2. Funds can only be used in classroom/lab setting. Funds CANNOT be used for school BBQ’s or for other school functions

3. A new application must be filled out for each new school year

Failure to follow these guidelines will affect the schools ability to receive funds in the future.

For questions or concerns, contact Cindy Chan Phillips NYBC at 

(315) 339-6922


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