Tour Pictures and Testimonials! 




"This was the 1st time I've ever been to a beef farm and it was an amazing experience. The staff from the Beef Council were friendly and the tour was very well run. I enjoyed the comparison between the NY and SD farms." -Tour Attendee 

"Blind Taste Test- Loved it! I was curious before. Cattle Production in the Midwest- So nice to see and hear what they had to say. It helped me find resources for my classes. There is so much to know and my beef unit might last 1 week! I will be looking for the best lessons for my students."- High School Educator

"This was a fantastic presentation to inform us of sustainable farm practices and ease any concerns anyone may have about the beef industry. I highly recommend this program to anyone who purchases food from others sources!" - SK Hereford Tour Attendee 

"We need farmers! This program gave excellent information about the integrity of the farming/cattle raising industry business. It cleared up the negative side of "red meat". The hard work that is put into providing nutritious food for the masses is amazing. We are so fortunate to have farmers with such high standards. I learned a lot! And I gained a ton of resources. Can't wait to use them. Thank you so much!" - Educator 

"The farm tour was a great way for me to incorporate this information in my classroom. I'm excited to use these informational resources to educate my students and my family and friends who have doubts about beef." -Educator 

"I have a better understanding of hormones in beef production.  Better understanding of sustainability, better understanding of feed types" - Chef/culinary educator

"I really enjoyed this experience.  I think the farmers did a great job!  I applaud their concern for their animals and that they make choices based on compassion rather than solely economics. Thank You! I'm glad I came" - Registered Dietitian 

"The producers really care about the entire process, not just profits" - Culinary Professional


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