Beef Industry (Thumb-Drive) Information:

If you have participated in a New York Beef Council Farm to Fork Tour, this is the spot where you can download back up information discussed during the tour!  Help yourself and if you have any questions please contact us so that we can help you get to your answers!

Beef Industry Websites:

Beef Research Website Link: 

Facts About Beef Link: link - all beef websites

Beef Information:

New York Beef Production by the Numbers 

Beef Terms Glossary

Choices of Beef (Types of Beef) 

Beef Life Cycle


Beef Nutrition Information:

Statement of Principles

BeefResearch - Human Nutrition Web link: 







Why Meat? (Beyond the Myths of Meatless Monday)

Grass-finished or Grain-finished beef

Menu Labeling Compliance Resources

Beef Industry Facts Sheet





Beef Sustainability Research: (NEW)

Beef Sustainability Infographic 

Fact Sheet 1: How does the carbon footprint of U.S. beef compare to global beef? (New)

Fact Sheet 2: Does Beef REally Use That Much Water? (New)

Fact Sheet 3: Would removing beef from the diet actually reduce greenhouse gas emissions? (New)

Fact Sheet 4: How does carbon sequestration affect the sustainability of beef? (New)

Beef Safety

CSR Fact Sheet_Final8.3.12.pdf


NY Beef Producer Interviews - "Meat" our Farmers

Beef Producer Interview Rich Brown.docx

Beef Producer Interview New Penn.docx

Beef Producer Interview SK Hereford.docx - 2016 Tour Beef Tour

Beef Producer Interview Walbridge Farms.docx - 2016 Tour Beef Tour

Beef Producer Interview Golden Acres.docx - 2016 Tour Beef Tour

Beef Producer Interview Birdsall Beef.docx

Beef Producer Phil Trowbridge.docx

Beef Producer Interview Kinderhook.docx

Beef Producer Interview Drover Hill Farm 


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