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Dear Fellow Dairy and Beef Producers,

As I am approaching the end of my six

year term on the Cattlemen’s Beef Board

(CBB) and my two years as chairman of

the New York Beef Council (NYBC), I have

to say that I have learned more about

beef production and marketing than I ever

would have imagined. As a dairy producer,

sometimes we just send our cows to market

with no thought that we are actually beef producers and need to

think of ourselves as that. My mission has been to spread the word

to dairy farmers regarding what they can do to bring the highest

return from their dairy culls.

My years on the CBB have enlightened me on many different

beef production methods. Giving the consumer choices increases

beef sales, which is the goal of the NYBC. No one method is better

than another and we should never resort to negative statements

about any other beef production method. There is room for

everyone in the meat case. Standing united with a statement that

ALL beef is safe and nutritious will serve us best.

The best news for the beef industry this year has been that

scientists are now realizing that animal fat isn’t the culprit they

once thought. Fat is not the enemy when it comes to cardiovascular

disease or weight gain. Gaining the trust of the consumer will take

time, but with the help of the NYBC, I hope we can turn around the

trend of “less beef” to “more beef” in everyone’s diets.

To learn more about how your Checkoff dollars are being used,

I encourage you to visit

to see all of the ways the

NYBC staff is working to connect more consumers with beef!

Patty Bikowsky

NYBC Chairman


It was an unseasonably warm morning, perfect for a farm tour,

when 13 bloggers from throughout the Northeast joined the NYBC

staff in Canandaigua, NY. October 15-16 marked our first “Beef

Together” Blogger Tour which included two days of farm tours,

in-depth question and answer sessions, and some fun and learning

in the teaching-kitchen at the New York Wine and Culinary Center.

The bloggers had the opportunity to tour two beef farms and learn

about cattle handling; and visit a cow/calf operation, small feed lot,

processing plant and market. On Day 2 bloggers were instructed

in food photography, nutrition, and shown how to fabricate a rib

subprimal, followed by entering the hands-on kitchen to not only

fabricate their own rib subprimal, but cook lunch with the assistance

of culinary chef instructors. Through the completion of a pre and

post survey, bloggers reported a 90% increase in the knowledge

of how cattle are raised and a 91% increase in the confidence of all

industry aspects (antibiotics, animal handling, etc.). The bloggers

also shared that 72% would blog more about beef!



The smell of steak filled the Nutrition Lab and hallways of Sage

College as 15 dietetic interns felt the heat as they attempted

their first on-camera debut, completing a mock TV cooking

demonstration. Cindy Chan Phillips, RD and Director of Nutrition

Education, gave the students, both in classroom and 10 students

who joined in online, a deeper look at the most recent nutrition

research and the impact of having lean beef in a heart-healthy

and balanced diet. The students were also provided with a

crash course in media relations with tips from Jean O’Toole, who

regularly appears on local news stations, offering beef tips and

cooking demonstrations through her role with NYBC. Groups of

students prepared a versatile steak salad recipe while sharing

their newly learned facts about beef. Following the lesson, 60%

of the dietetic interns reported that their knowledge of beef in a

heart-healthy diet had improved greatly. One student responded

to the lessons by stating, “I was surprised to learn that when

comparing lean ground beef vs. the lean ground turkey, that the

turkey had more fat and kcal.”

Bloggers proudly displaying

their beef dish

Bloggers touring Wilson Beef

Farms' Processing Plant